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Now take a look at your life exactly as it is right now. No judgments, no punishments, no criticism, just observe.

Or have you given up on creating your dream life because you don’t believe you are capable of achieving it or you don’t believe you are worthy enough?

Do you come home and pour yourself a drink to “relax” or is that really just a cover up to avoid confronting the fact that you can’t stand living the life you have created for yourself? Be honest. Yes, I know it’s painful.

Listen to me, nobody has to live a life filled with struggle, stress and pain - and that includes you! By choosing to do so YOU miss out on LIVING your true potential.

Before we continue this journey together, we need to talk. So walk with me …

Do you know why you aren’t living your dream life? I can’t tell you this any other way except for being blunt. Excuse making. That’s why you (and a whole lot of other people) are not living your dream life.

Promise me, no more excuses okay? Because the truth is when you make up an excuse like:

And any of the other hundred excuses you make! I’m going to be brutally honest with you because I care enough about you that someone has to tell you like it is.

When you make excuses, what you are really saying to yourself (and at the same time praying everyone around you believes your reasons for not being true and authentic and living your life on purpose) is that:

And what all that boils down to is …

I feel unworthy, I’m not good enough and I don’t deserve anything that I REALLY want in my life so I’ll just keep doing what I know out of fear even though I’m completely miserable and dying inside but I’ll pretend that I’m a really happy.


YOU keep yourself holed up in hell because, believe it or not, it feels comfortable to you.

I know, that’s just mind boggling isn’t it!?

The unknown is scary so it keeps you trapped because you are afraid of making mistakes and looking bad trying something new or different.

I get you, I really do because I lied to myself for years too! I believed I was an unworthy doormat, had to do things for everyone even when I didn’t want too and good things didn’t come to me because I didn’t have the education, I didn’t have money, I didn’t live in the right area, I didn’t have the right relationship, I didn’t, I can’t, I don’t, excuse, excuse, excuse.

Girlfriend, you HAVE to EMBRACE CHANGE or you’ll BE MISERABLE FOREVER! I’m not kidding that’s a fact.

Let me ask you this:

Then promise me you’ll stop making excuses and start taking steps to living your life on purpose! I’m here to help you get unstuck and to get out of whatever shitty circumstances you are living right now and into living your life being completely freaking happy, unapologetically rich, mind-blowing abundant and spine-tingling free!


Are you ready to learn how to experience the FUN and FREEDOM you’ve always wanted your life to give you, no matter what struggles you’ve been through in your life or are still working through right now? The truth is everyone has them BUT the difference is moving forward past them … and THAT’S why you are here!

So let’s CELEBRATE that together! I’m doing the happy dance right now. Do you want to know why?

Because I believe in synchronicity so I believe that YOU landed HERE for a specific reason.

I don’t for a second think it was an accident or just a random coincidence. I believe that you are right now, most likely, where I once was, which is why the power of attraction brought you here today. I believe you are seeking to unleash the power that is within you and that is why you connected to the energy of this site.

So pay close attention.

You have been divinely guided at the perfect time in your life to be here in this space. To learn, to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!

I believe …

I believe and know with every fibre of my being that you are worthy of every desire and dream you have in your heart AND I know you can have it all too!

It’s time to quit waiting for

It’s time to resurrect your dreams NOW!

And I’m here to help you. This is how I live my life on purpose and I’m super-passionate about working with my soul-sisters so will you take my hand and let me guide and support you?

Nothing happens until YOU take action.

Girl, I believe in the impossible. I don’t just think you can have, do or be anything you can imagine, I KNOW it!

Are you ready to rock, shine, sizzle? Then let’s go, take your first free step by typing your email in the form below.

Hold onto your panties cuz you’re going to LOVE being a part of my community!

Lisa Whatley

Your Magnetic-Miracle-Mindset-Belief-Busting-Energy-Boosting-Life Style-Transformation Coach

- xoxox

Then you have to get yourself into one of my programs and starting working with me. I’m going to tell you right now though I no longer accept working one on one hour long sessions. Not because this isn’t right for me but because it isn’t right for YOU! I got my shit together and it took me YEARS to get it done too. I know first hand what kind of commitment it takes to make the shift. It didn’t take you one hour to get to where you are so wouldn’t you agree that it will take more then one hour to undo a lifetime beliefs, blocks and stagnant energy?

Sure I know change is scary but You MUST Embrace Change or Be Miserable Forever!

Yes you must embrace change in your life or you will forever be facing things you don’t want to experience. Simply put you’ll forever be miserable. You’ll continue to be stressed out, growing grey hair at a rapid all the while banging your head against the wall from running on empty, going no where on your hamster wheel, fighting with your loved ones, going to a job you hate just to come home completely wiped out, dead exhausted as you climb into bed … to do the same thing all over again the next day. Ugh.

I believe in the impossible. I think you can have, do or be anything you can imagine.

Do you want to know how you can live your life being happy, happy, happy and unapologetically endlessly rich, abundant and free like myself and many other soul-sisters in our tribe? Sisterhood.

You’ll learn from my experience as someone who (list failures) and now makes a fabulous living while raising a family - you can (list benefits for them) too!

What if a SIMPLE SHIFT Could Create a QUANTUM LEAP In Your Life?

And what if you could experience that shift over two blissful days of personal one-on-one attention in an exclusive VIP setting?

I’m sooo-so-sooo excited to share all my secrets and shortcuts with you so you can rock a (profitable, playful and portable biz) of your very own.

The BIGGEST secret? It’s EASY when you have a step by step system in place and know exactly how to act on it AND and are willing, like Nike says, to JUST DO IT!

I’ve identified exactly what I did. Just like a recipe: if you do what I did, you can have what I have. I don’t tell you this to brag or impress you. I share this with you to impress upon you that there’s NOTHING special about me that isn’t ALSO inside YOU.

I’m here to help you so now it’s your time and your turn!

I’m ready to give you all my secrets and more. I’m thrilled to help you have everything that I do - family, fun and freedom - while making a difference doing what you love.

There’s room up here for everyone and the world is waiting for YOU and your gifts!

 and you may not realize this right now but all these things are making you unhappy, miserable I’m sure.

The ultimate creator is the human mind.

I’m here to help you get out of that mindset.

But before we continue, I’ve got a question or two for you.

Walk with me …

Have you ever thought:

I need to know more or be better before I actually start?

Are you making excuses instead of progress?

Would you rather die than change your life?

Do you believe that having a lot of money makes you a better person a more spiritual person?

I’m going to be blunt and simply call this as I see it. Bullshit. When you don’t have enough money you become stressed out and when you are stressed out it lowers your vibration, a lowered vibration is a weakened energy field, a weakened energy field allows all sorts of chaos to enter your field and thus you continue to spiral into creating a lifetime of unfulfilling experiences.

False ideas, false thoughts, false beliefs.

Tap into the positive energy field of abundance.

Imprinted beliefs before the age of seven.

Releasing, deleting and clearing all these deep rooted beliefs.

The vibration that can fix and heal things … the place you go to when you mediate or pray … the collective consciousness.  

Liberating, exhilarating and life changing experience!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!


Finally - a simple, video-based training system on CD-ROM that teaches you step-by-step how to make real money online…100% guaranteed!

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Who else wants more peace and less stress?

Here is a technique that's helping (whatever) to (whatever) … my soul-sisters master their stress.

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Do away with (issue) forever … Do away with stress forever … do away with your procrastination forever.

Now you are able to have (something worthy) (awesome condition) … this is the “have your cake and eat it too” headline - Now you are able to quit your 9-5 and bring in even more cash … now you are able to meet sexy people online for free … now you are able to run flash on a tablet …

I believe in synchronicity therefore, yes, I believe you are a part of my tribe. I believe that we all have a tribe of people that we are contracted to on a soul level to serve and support on their path either for a long time or short time. I believe you are my soul-sister.

Learn how you can live your life being happy, happy, happy and unapologetically endlessly rich, abundant and free!

Change begins by believing that it is possible, by having an inner knowing that you too can accomplish

Change begins with a belief in transformation. Crossfit begins with a belief in fitness.

It’s not so much about “how” to transform. It’s more about getting you to transform.

Wooo-freakin-hooo girlfriend, you slid in sideways!

I’m so unbelievably stoked that you are here and trust me sista, you will be too once you see how EASY it is to leap into this brand new exciting life that you’ve only been dreaming about!

Uh-huh, I’m talking full-fledged living it girlfriend, that is once you drop all those excuses you’re hiding behind!

Let’s start with a little exercise.

For just a moment, close your eyes and imagine how you would feel if you had it all.

Imagine LIVING your dream life.

Now allow yourself to really stretch your imagination.

Yep breathe deep, smile and take it ALL in.

Girlfriend, wouldn’t that be fan-freakin-tastic?

You bet it would!

Stop Making Excuses, Get Unstuck and Get Out of Whatever Shitty Circumstances You Are Living Right Now and            Into Living Your Life Being Completely Freakin Happy, Unapologetically Rich, Mind-Blowing Abundant and Spine-Tingling Free! Get Secret Juicy Hot n Fab Tips + Tools delivered to your inbox!

Wealth consciousness is so much more than simply having the ability to make money.

It’s a mindset that involves seeing life, not as a struggle, but as a magical adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease. Wealth consciousness is a state of mind, a sense, not of believing but really knowing that what we need is available to us. - Richard Carlson


Learn how to get from where you ARE to where you want to BE !

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