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Welcome to the brand new (October 22, 2013) website of Infinity Light Healing, the web-home of Lisa Whatley, where she offers a variety of holistic services and products for your optimal health, healing and wellness.

Lisa Whatley is a highly sought after Natural Master Energy Healer who specializes in Distance Energy Healing. As she embraced her soul purpose it has been her passion and honour serving thousands of people from all around the world on their journey to health, wealth, riches and true spiritual abundance.  She has been serving professionally full-time since 2003.  

She has worked with people from all ages; infant to elder. All different healing needs; dis-ease to enlightenment. All different stages of life; starting out to transitioning. All different career paths; housewife to business woman. All different areas of the world; Australia to United Arab Emirates. Regardless of these facts it is most important to know that Lisa gives each of her clients the same confidentiality, dedication, attention, love and care.  

You ARE in good hands!

While working with Lisa 99% of her clients claim the financial investment in themselves has been worth every penny and so much more because the results they received has brought true healing, balance, peace and happiness to their lives. Their outpouring of gratitude for her assistance has been enormous.

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PS: The Game of Life is meant to challenge you to become the best you can possibly be!  It’s about creating a better life, a better existence by living consciously being more aware of the creator you really are!  Let’s take that journey together!

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Many have reported physical benefits of such things as relief from aches and pains, a reduction in stress,  increased relaxation, better sleep, disappearance of rashes, allergies to arthritis, accelerated healing for broken bones, common illnesses like the cold and flu to post-surgery recuperation and decreased side effects from prescription medicines and chemotherapy. Some reporting that working with Lisa has enabled them to stop taking medication completely.

Many have also reported an increase in health and vitality giving them more energy, stamina and strength along with the added benefits of physically youthening, lifting years off their appearance. This happens as an added benefit from clearing all the emotional issues, limiting beliefs and heavy baggage from your past. You become lighter, your frequency rises and you begin to resemble the perfect you that you truly are.  Lisa is living proof of this. She appears ten years younger than her biological age!

Many have also reported things such as a release from depression, anxiety and overwhelm, releasing old thoughts, debilitating patterns, childhood trauma, addictions and emotional congestion, having clearer thinking, improved relationships, finances and success, a greater sense of personal empowerment, becoming more passionate about living life and so much more.  

The spiritual benefits have been just as amazing for her clients with many experiencing increased intuition, awareness and openness, developing a true love for themselves, conscious manifestation, inspirational creative downloads, developed an awareness of their highest life path, aligning with self mastery, activation of their gifts, enhanced senses, joining with their twinflame (either physically or etherically) and so much more.

The results are always the same after working with Lisa; sooner or later her clients experience not only beneficial change but for many  complete life changes.

You landed here for a reason, by divine appointment so we can assure you, without a doubt that not only are YOU in the right place, YOU are also in very exceptional and experienced healing hands! Truly the benefits of energy healing are endless and YOU can experience great results like these too! Lisa created this web-space to support you on your journey of healing and wellness.

Why do you want distance energy healing?

Whatever it is,  let’s begin by taking some ACTION to get you on the path of healing!

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